photo credit:  Robby Klein

photo credit: Robby Klein

Amanda LeSaicherre

Amanda is a chef who is passionate about food and its power to bring people together. She loves finding ingredients that are different and unique, to create food that is interesting, unforgettable, and yet approachable. Food that is beautiful, but yet, inviting. In the end, it is all about community for Amanda. She believes that a delicious meal is the perfect setting for the kind of moments we remember for a lifetime. Moments spent around a table with people we love; family and friends. This is what she, as a chef, works so hard to create. 


 photo credit:  Rylee Hitchner

photo credit: Rylee Hitchner

Cassidy Carson Lynch

Cassidy is a wedding photographer who is inspired by beautiful light, stunning, yet simple, locations, and the celebration of love. She adores what she does because she gets to experience all kinds of unique and memorable couples, each of whom leave her thrilled and excited for more. She believes love is precious, and enjoys capturing emotions and experiences on both film and digital. For Cassidy, there's a joy in wedding photography that she hasn't found elsewhere. It's the kind of joy that one feels only when fulfilling dreams, and that's what she's all about. 


 photo credit:  Robby Klein

photo credit: Robby Klein

Anna Mitchell

Anna Mitchell is an artist who loves the beauty of creation, joy of family and friendships, and opportunities to use her gifts to bless and encourage others. Through mediums of pen and ink, watercolor and acrylic paints, and a mixture of classic and modern styles, Anna letters and writes lovely pieces to personalize and make your event special. 


You may know Anna by her stage name, “Anna Johnson”, as she is also a songwriter and performing artist in Nashville. When she's not making art or music, though, she's doing life with her husband, David, and their baby girl, Eloise. 


Robby Klein

Robby is a gifted photographer who specializes in entertainment photography; music, television, advertisement and commercials. Like Jady, he has a friendly, welcoming nature that makes shoots fun! His ability to capture images that portray who someone is and the stories they tell is really astounding, and it makes for timeless pictures that speak for themselves. When working with Robby, expect warmth and energy, great lighting, and rich colors that will help you remember what you felt in that moment.